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Environmental & Groundwater

In February 2001 Ritchie Morris of Morris Environmental and Groundwater Alliances (MEGA) in Cape Town and Deven Naidoo of Geosure (Pty) Ltd, which is based in Durban , formed an Alliance Partnership for industrial environmental projects.

Ritchie's experience and record of accomplishment with environmental assessment and the management of contamination issues at industrial sites, together with Deven's knowledge of geological and geotechnical conditions are extremely complimentary. The MEGA-Geosure Alliance is well placed to offer a quality environmental service. MEGA and Geosure are currently involved with detailed projects at the AECI Industrial site in Durban .

Successful projects completed by the Geosure-MEGA alliance include:

Kynoch Feeds at AECI in Durban
Kynoch Fertilisers at AECI in Durban
DOW Chemicals in Newcastle
DOW Chemicals in Isithebe
Sasol Polymers at AECI in Durban
Various Land Release Projects for AECI in Durban
Umbogovango Dam at AECI
Daimler Chrysler Plant in East London

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