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Geosure’s laboratory is known for its commitment to high client service levels and reliable, testing and reporting. We are constantly updating or procuring new equipment and technologies, and in association with increased technical abilities and a commitment to the integrity of our product, are able to provide a cost effective and efficient service to you, the client.

We are able to assist in large-scale civil engineering projects both here in South Africa and the rest of the continent. We cover all aspects of laboratory testing for Soils, Gravels, Aggregates, and Concrete, and our testing is in accordance with TMH 1 and AASHTO* standards and various other test methods. Geosure ensures the quality of construction through its laboratory testing and on-site monitoring by our mobile site teams. Our professionals are able to assess on-site situations with a view to preventing or mitigating unnecessary damage or loss and are able to advise on the best solutions for any materials or geotechnical related problem. The laboratory is also in the enviable position of being able to draw on the expertise of the parent Geosure consulting practice to provide solutions to more thorny geotechnical problems should the need arise.

*American Association of State Highway & Transport Officials

Geosure Laboratory offers its clients numerous different soil and gravel tests which include the following: CBR; UCS; Modified AASHTO dry density; roads Indicators; foundation indicators, nuclear density tests; determination of cement or lime on stabilised materials; geotechnical tests and reports; foundation investigations to NHBRC standards; centreline and borrow pit investigations. For a comprehensive test list and schedule of rates click here.

We are able to offer a wide range of tests on concrete and aggregates and to assess the parameters of shape, hardness and durability.

Geosure Laboratory is currently in the position to carry out some of the specialised asphalt testing viz., texture depth of a road surface and ball penetration tests for surface design treatments.

Geosure Laboratory has recently upgraded its concrete laboratory. It is now a state of the art laboratory having updating all control equipment from manual to digital. This means that Geosure Laboratory can offer its clients the results where human error is minimised. These upgrades include fully automated concrete presses, temperature controlled curing baths. In adherence to the highest standards Geosure Laboratory regularly calibrates all testing equipment.

With the most modern equipment and highly trained and experienced staff in this specialised field, Geosure Laboratory offers the following services: Quarry assessment; Batch plant efficiency; Routine site testing; Aggregate analysis; Optimised concrete mix designs; Site sampling; Core drilling and Core testing.

Borrow Area

Geosure Laboratory is able to carry out pavement assessments according to the Department of Transport’s Technical Recommendations for Highways (TRH) standards.

Geosure is able to carry out centre line and borrow pit investigations. These investigations are fully inclusive, covering location of sampling points, laboratory test data, photographs and recommendations where necessary.

Geosure Laboratory has a labour resource pool of highly skilled testing staff with experience spanning through the entire spectrum of laboratory testing. We supply clients with all levels of staff on a contract basis.