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Quality Assurance

Geosure has two Troxler Nuclear Density Gauges and has been involved in compaction testing of backfill material and layerworks in numerous projects. Our technical staff has accumulated over 20 years combined experience in on-site quality assurance and compaction testing.

Examples of such projects are:

• KwaMashu Sewer Pipeline – Torch and Mirror tests
• Bhambayi Development – Quality Assurance
• ICC Basement Extension – Compaction testing of backfill material
• Southgate Industrial Park –compaction control - Troxler Nuclear    Density Gauge
• Gateway – compaction control - Troxler Nuclear Density Gauge
• Mahogany Ridge - compaction control - Troxler Nuclear Density    Gauge
• South African Transport Investments – Quality Assurance

Geosure owns Slope Indicator® inclinometers which are used for the following applications:

• Monitoring slopes and landslides to detect zones of movement   and establish whether movement is constant, accelerating, or   responding to remedial measures.
• Monitoring diaphragm walls and sheet piles to check that   deflections are within design limits, that struts and anchors are   performing as expected, and that adjacent buildings are not   affected by ground movements.
• Monitoring dams, dam abutments, and upstream slopes for   movement during and after impoundment.

Examples of such projects are:

•  Gautrain



Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance2