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- Quality Assurance
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Geosure (Ltd) has many years of broad based experience ranging from dam investigations to environmental and groundwater characterisation. We are able to Provide solutions for any geotechnical and environmental challenge that may arise and our client base testifies to the quality and breadth of the work which we are able to undertake.

More specifically we offer the following services:

•  Geotechnical Investigations for dams; roads and railway lines;     single and multi storey structures; shallow and deep foundations,     infra-structural developments; harbours and harbour works,

•  Pile Integrity Testing ,

•  Quality Assurance ,

•  Geosure Soils Laboratory and materials management testing,

•  Slope Stability assessments,

•  Environmental and Groundwater Characterisation ,

•  Design of Piles, Retaining Structures & Foundations.

In addition Geosure has kept abreast of developing technology and we are fully conversant with GIS, GPS and CAD packages. We also have a range of commercial and self-developed geotechnical and groundwater software packages used to model various geotechnical or groundwater conditions.