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The Team

Venai Govender NHD Civil Engineering

Venai has approximately 20 years experience in the civil and geotechnical engineering field. He has extensive knowledge of materials management, having begun his career in a soils laboratory and gaining on site experience on large projects including the Gateway shopping centre and Southgate Industrial Park bulk earthworks. His current forte is pile integrity testing which he developed here in South Africa, drawing on overseas technology and expertise to bring pile integrity testing up to international standards in South Africa. Having developed this expertise he now tests the integrity of piles throughout southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Deven Naidoo Pr.Sci.Nat
Deven has approximately 15 years experience in the field of geotechnical engineering and has gained experience working in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. More recently he has expanded his fields of interest to include soil and groundwater characterisation, geohydrology and civil project management. He also helped pioneer pile integrity testing throughout Africa. His vast knowledge of materials allows him to provide recommendations for roadworks, earthworks and general materials management.

Soonil Chattergoon
Soonil has approximately 10 years experience in the field of geotechnical engineering, quality assurance testing, pile integrity testing and management and supervision of large earthworks contracts. His good technical background has allowed him to branch out into the fieldwork side of geotechnical instrumentation and environmental soil and groundwater characterisation.

Shelley Koekemoer B.Sc. Honours
Shelley has proven herself to be a capable and dedicated field geologist, having gained experience in township investigations, foundation assessments and environmental work. In addition she has been intimately involved with the Gautrain project, overseeing the borehole radar team in the dolomite areas and reporting the results thereof, making her literally the leading expert in this new technology in South Africa.

Jay Sarjooparsad
Jay is our laboratory manager and is eminently qualified for this job, having approximately 20 years experience in the assessment of materials for civil engineering construction purposes, including soils, asphalt, concrete and aggregates. He also has experience in field investigations and in situ testing.

Kris Veeran
Kris is our assistant laboratory manager and is well versed in civil engineering materials testing procedures including soils, asphalt, concrete and aggregates. He is also au fait with field procedures and is well able to conduct geotechnical investigations and in situ testing.

Pragasen Naidoo
Pragasen has approximately 5 years experience in materials testing and laboratory procedures, having worked for two of the large Durban laboratories. He also has acquired field experience and is currently developing his Pile Integrity Testing skills.